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Defending Your
Home is Our Mission

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Welcome to Presidio Roofing Company of San Antonio

There are few investments as significant as your home or commercial property and with any investment it is important to ensure its protection.  When it comes to keeping your building safe and secure the roof is the most important part of that protection.  People have used the saying "roof over your head" for centuries to say that someone is protected and at Presidio Roofing Company we pride ourselves in putting the best roof over everyone's head.  Our roofs are installed to the highest industry standards and will protect you from whatever elements come your way while boosting the aesthetic appeal and value of your home or building. 

We understand that the quality of your roof genuinely impacts the quality of your life and the process for a getting a new roof can be a headache as well. Thus, we strive to provide the best roofing experience in San Antonio and throughout Texas. We are proud to be a registered federal contractor, vetted by the GSA and IRS, and with years of work experience on the FEMA Temporary Roofing mission in support of Hurricane recovery. Over the last 6 years we provided critical support as a Tier-1 contractor after Hurricanes Irma, Michael, Laura, Delta, Ida, and Ian, covering thousands of homes for people in need to the strictest Army Corps of Engineers installation specifications. Our experience working in higher level federal contracting and emergency relief missions translates to our work here in San Antonio and is shown through our efficient, transparent, and quality roofing projects across the area. Thus, when you hire Presidio Roofing Company, you are hiring the highest quality and most trusted professional roofing team in San Antonio.

Presidio Roofing was recommended to me by my insurance company and base on that I hired them to replace the roof of my house. They did an excellent job and left the yard absolutely clean! The roof inspector, Jonathan Whitaker, organized the whole project and he got the job completed in one day! He is absolutely a skilled professional.Thank you!
Isga Hagos
Isga Hagos
20:15 19 Jul 24
Nothing but great things to say about the team at Presidio Roofing. We had a roof leak around our vent hood and they pinpointed the underlying issue and resolved relatively promptly.
Paul Morelli
Paul Morelli
00:40 18 Jul 24
Great experience with Jonathan and Presidio Roofing. I had a roof that wasn't an insurance claim, just a very old, flat roof needing replacement, and Presidio had good reviews suggesting they had expertise with different types of roofs, including TPO, which I got. Sure enough, they were professional the whole way through; I got exactly the kind of roof I was looking for; and everyone I dealt with made the process as pleasant as possible. Their estimate and warranty were clear and more comprehensive and cost-effective than other estimates I got. Jonathan and the company acted with a lot of integrity throughout, so I felt I could trust them to honor the agreement.They even offer complementary maintenance inspections after the fact, which is a nice plus. Unfortunately my roof had a lot of hidden damage and took about 2x longer and more materials than expected. It's stressful to deal with such an expensive project, but less so when you feel they're not price-gouging, but trying to honor the original estimate--in fact I think they ate some of the costs to stay closer to the estimate. The work was done well and with good attention to detail and they barely disturbed the house or area at all. Jonathan was flexible with meeting times and was on time, personable, and easy to talk to about questions or concerns. He has a lot of experience and made great suggestions. He was also transparent about the process and great at knowing exactly what would work or not work and remembering every question or request I had about the roof. He spent a lot of his own time examining the old roof beforehand and I felt like he did an outstanding job communicating with the crew, the company, and myself. I highly recommend Presidio and Jonathan as professionals that take your job seriously, will stand by their work, and provide superior customer service. I hope to use them again for the gutter installation.
01:45 17 Jul 24
Presidio Roofing did my roof which was damaged after a storm. The process was super easy, well explained and fast. Everyone I came in contact with was very friendly and knowledgable. The actual crew that came to put on the roof was very mindful of my property and cleaned up after themselves. They sent me pictures of the progress and by the time I came home all was done and cleaned up. The roof looks great! I am very happy with the whole experience and highly recommend Presidio Roofing!
Ray Barrera
Ray Barrera
18:57 22 Jun 24
When we replaced our roof, there were tons of roofing companies to choose from. I researched & chose Presidio Roofing because when I mentioned their name to my insurance company they acknowledged that they were a legit & very professional company, plus easy to work with. The work was done very quick & clean. They even showed me an area of plywood which needed to be changed in order for roof to be properly installed. Fast forward a couple of years & I had a minor issue & was put in touch with Presidio and they were very understanding & resolved my issue within hours. I can't say enough good things about Presidio Roofing. I recommend them to all my family & friends. Thanks for everything.
Shakira Morales
Shakira Morales
19:50 20 Jun 24
Presidio Roofing came highly recommended from many of my friends and they were absolutely right. The Presidio team told me exactly what I needed and what I did not need. Their crew was fast and efficient. We consulted on the color and it is beautiful. In particular, since the home is older, we had some ugly air vents on the old roof that stood out for all the wrong reasons. Presidio installed modern vents that you do not even notice and are more efficient. From the inspection, to the estimate, to the drop off of materials, to the replacement, to the clean-up, to all the follow-up, Presidio Roofing is a total class company and they will make you house beautiful - and increase it’s value!! Call them - now!!
Fidel Alvarez
Fidel Alvarez
03:53 17 Jun 24

A Range of Roofing Services in San Antonio

San Antonio is an old and diverse city and thus every roofing project here has its own unique needs and requirements. A Spanish clay tile roof in Alamo Heights presents a very different contracting experience than a Standing Seam metal roof in The Dominion or a shingle roof in Terrel Hills. The work scope, materials, timelines, and other considerations will vary significantly. In the world of San Antonio architecture you could have two neighbors in Olmos Park with roofs so different the projects themselves could be night and day. To accommodate this, we’ve cultivated a team of professionals with skills and knowledge that can support your needs no matter the size, product type, or complexity of your project.

Some of the primary San Antonio roofing services we can provide include:

Damage Assessments

No matter the type of roof on your property it is important to always quickly and accurately assess potential damages. In San Antonio and across Texas we are subjected to hail, wind, and tornados on a yearly basis and eventually every roof will sustain damage from these severe weather events. At Presidio Roofing Company we are experts in assessing storm related damages and helping home and property owners make the correct decisions on how to move forward after severe weather strikes. But these weather events are not the only reason to have your roof inspected – roofs do get old, granules fall off, flashings deteriorate, vents crack, tiles break, metal rusts, and so much more. Sometimes you need a true subject matter expert to assess your roof and give you professional recommendations for maintenance, repairs, or replacements with the goal of protecting your property and investment.

Insurance Claims

Due to the prevalence of severe weather in San Antonio, Denton, and our other Texas offices we have become experts at identifying insurance covered damages and giving home and property owners honest and reliable recommendations. We are not an adjusting firm and we do not legally represent property owners, but we do provide educated and responsible guidance to folks in need. The average property owner does not have the ability to climb their own roof and does not have the tools and expertise needed to pinpoint covered damages. At Presidio Roofing we will provide a free and comprehensive photo report to anyone affected by severe weather as well as working with your insurance carrier during the whole process of bringing your property back to pre-loss condition.

Residential Roofing

Presidio Roofing has provided roof replacement services in San Antonio to countless homeowners. With more 5-star BBB reviews than 99.9% of roofing contractors in Texas it is clear that we provide smooth and headache free projects to all our clients. Amongst many of our distinctions, we are particularly proud to be an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor - a distinction held by only a handful of roofers in San Antonio. This badge allows us to provide warranty protection that cannot be matched by nearly any other roofing contractor. Along with our top service and warranties we provide honest pricing that will compete with any other roofing contractor in town. So, if you are looking for a free estimate to replace or repair your roof, we are the company to call.

Commercial Roofing

It is awfully hard to run a successful business with a leaking roof. Maintaining an environment in which your operations can be productive, and both your staff and customers feel safe, is paramount. Presidio Roofing has cultivated a team of commercial roofing experts to address the unique challenges and needs of businesses in San Antonio, Denton, and Austin. We offer a full range of commercial roofing materials and styles, including TPO, PVC, EPDM, and liquid applied coatings and have certifications and ability to provide NDL warranties with any systems. So, whether you’re addressing damages, performing an annual inspection, or planning a full replacement, we can help your business meet its goals and minimize operational disruption.


Apartment buildings and complexes can be a great investment opportunity in San Antonio. Nevertheless, there is a responsibility for landlords to ensure the roofing is effective. The wrong approach can lead to costly repairs and reputational damage, not to mention disrupt the lives of tenants. Getting apartment roofing right is not a straightforward matter, which is why Presidio Roofing Company can play an invaluable role in maintaining apartment property roofing systems.

We can help you to meet a range of apartment roofing needs such as arranging essential annual inspections to identify and mitigate issues early on. Our professionals can also swiftly and effectively handle repairs before they become safety or health problems for tenants. Not to mention that we can identify the right materials for any upgrades you’re planning. If you own or manage an apartment complex in San Antonio, Presidio Roofing Company is your best bet for dependable roofing service.

It’s easy to forget that roofing doesn’t begin and end with the roof itself. The roof ties into many other components that help in the process of shedding water and protecting the interior of the property. Overlooking these can lead to issues down the line. One of the most important components in this regard is your gutters. Poorly designed, fitted, or maintained gutters can lead to leaks, pest problems, and even foundation damage. Presidio Roofing Company has an in-house gutter team that will measure, form, and install the right gutters to maximize the longevity of your home or business.

Unlike the majority of roofing companies who will subcontract out the guttering job or just leave you to find your own resource, work directly with Presidio Roofing for your gutter replacement. We already have a reputation for the best roofing services in San Antonio and we want to show you that our quality gutter services live up to that reputation as well.

Our Projects

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Denton Project C Home
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Plano Project D Home

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The Right Material in the Right Hands

The team of professionals at Presidio Roofing Company are not just top-quality installers and project managers but also roofing product experts. We are always striving to expand our knowledge of all roofing products on the market. Our goal is to provide our clients with the insights and guidance needed to make the right choice of roofing system for their property.

Some of the materials we focus on include:

Tiles:Tile roofs are the most classic of roofing systems. For thousands of years, across every continent, tile roofs have been installed to keep water out of homes, churches, and businesses. Tile roofs are particularly popular in warmer climates like San Antonio and you will see concrete and clay tile roofs across the city, from Fair Oaks to Castle Hills, from Shavano Park to Stone Oak.

Tile roofs hold up well to weather and in many cases are the longest lasting roofing product on the market. At Presidio Roofing we have the knowledge and expertise to help you with any of your tile roof related needs, whether repair, replacement, or new construction.
Metal:Metal roofing has become the most popular new roofing product in San Antonio and across Texas. Metal is long lasting, fire resistant, and greatly improves the curb appeal of any home.

From standing seam panels to stone coated steel tiles, we are extremely knowledgeable in all types of metal roofing systems and have a long list of happy clients across the area with beautiful new metal roofs.
Composition Shingles:Most homes have composition shingle roofs, but when it comes to shingles, the variety of available products can be staggering. From architectural shingles like The Owens Corning Duration series, to impact resistant or designer, your options in shingle roofing are significant.

Our project managers will help guide you through all the available options for your shingle roof and help you make the right decision for your home or business.
Unique Products:Outside of the most common roofing products there are options that many property owners simply do not know exist. We love educating every property owner on all their available options.

Products such as the truly hail resistant F-Wave Rubber shingle, or the composite shake from Paragon Roofing, can provide unique and strong options for your home or business.
Play Video Denton Project S Home
People have used the saying "roof over your head" for centuries to say that someone is protected and at Presidio Roofing Company we pride ourselves in putting the best roof over everyone's head

The Tailored Approach

We understand each roofing project is unique. Every property owner has their own individual needs involving a range of challenges. Therefore, we approach each roofing project with a tailored approach, rather than a generalized and impersonal system. Our project managers are the best in the business at identifying each client’s needs and helping guide them through the smoothest and most efficient process from start to finish.

One of the resources we offer is access to the Owens Corning Build Your Roof™ tool. This can provide you with a better initial understanding of the types of materials and components that may best suit your project. However, we always encourage customers to reach out to us and start a conversation about their needs and goals. Contact us today if you have any questions about your roofing project in San Antonio, DFW, or Austin. Alternatively, you can use the form below to start the ball rolling with a free estimate. Click Here To Build Your Roof

See What Our Customers Have To Say About Us

Excellent company to work with I enjoyed working with Robbie he is very thorough and professional I would highly recommend them to do your roof.
Paul Aaron Chavera
Rating of 5 Rating of 5 Rating of 5 Rating of 5 Rating of 5
Robbie was great! Delivered a fantastic final product, have had incredible follow up to all of our questions, and did an unbelievable job entertaining our insurance carrier. Thanks, Robbie!
Richard Powell
Rating of 5 Rating of 5 Rating of 5 Rating of 5 Rating of 5
Very professional and punctual! Great experience.
Jeremy Bawcum
Rating of 5 Rating of 5 Rating of 5 Rating of 5 Rating of 5
Presidio is great, Robbie worked with my insurance company to make sure we were covered and everything that was damaged was fixed. The work was completed quickly and almost no debris was left behind. I would use them again if the need arises.
Christopher Fuentes
Rating of 5 Rating of 5 Rating of 5 Rating of 5 Rating of 5
Presidio has done my roof and a lot of our friends’ roofs. They’ve done a great job and we’ve heard only great things from our friends as well. We trust them so much that we are about to use them for our office roof!
Danielle Powell
Rating of 5 Rating of 5 Rating of 5 Rating of 5 Rating of 5

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