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EPDM (ethyl propylene diene terpolymer) roofing single-ply membrane is the main competitor to TPO and PVC roofing membranes. EPDM is a synthetic rubber compound that is used across many industries, such as weather-stripping seals on car doors, to EPDM washers, to EPDM roofing sheets. It has been around the roofing industry since the mid 1900’s and became very popular in roofing in the 60’s and 70’s oil prices increased, and thus asphaltic flat roofing products became more expensive. Though TPO takes over 50% of the overall single ply roofing market share there is still a large market for EPDM roofs, and we are the best EPDM roofer in San Antonio.

Presidio Roofing was recommended to me by my insurance company and base on that I hired them to replace the roof of my house. They did an excellent job and left the yard absolutely clean! The roof inspector, Jonathan Whitaker, organized the whole project and he got the job completed in one day! He is absolutely a skilled professional.Thank you!
Isga Hagos
Isga Hagos
20:15 19 Jul 24
Nothing but great things to say about the team at Presidio Roofing. We had a roof leak around our vent hood and they pinpointed the underlying issue and resolved relatively promptly.
Paul Morelli
Paul Morelli
00:40 18 Jul 24
Great experience with Jonathan and Presidio Roofing. I had a roof that wasn't an insurance claim, just a very old, flat roof needing replacement, and Presidio had good reviews suggesting they had expertise with different types of roofs, including TPO, which I got. Sure enough, they were professional the whole way through; I got exactly the kind of roof I was looking for; and everyone I dealt with made the process as pleasant as possible. Their estimate and warranty were clear and more comprehensive and cost-effective than other estimates I got. Jonathan and the company acted with a lot of integrity throughout, so I felt I could trust them to honor the agreement.They even offer complementary maintenance inspections after the fact, which is a nice plus. Unfortunately my roof had a lot of hidden damage and took about 2x longer and more materials than expected. It's stressful to deal with such an expensive project, but less so when you feel they're not price-gouging, but trying to honor the original estimate--in fact I think they ate some of the costs to stay closer to the estimate. The work was done well and with good attention to detail and they barely disturbed the house or area at all. Jonathan was flexible with meeting times and was on time, personable, and easy to talk to about questions or concerns. He has a lot of experience and made great suggestions. He was also transparent about the process and great at knowing exactly what would work or not work and remembering every question or request I had about the roof. He spent a lot of his own time examining the old roof beforehand and I felt like he did an outstanding job communicating with the crew, the company, and myself. I highly recommend Presidio and Jonathan as professionals that take your job seriously, will stand by their work, and provide superior customer service. I hope to use them again for the gutter installation.
01:45 17 Jul 24
Presidio Roofing did my roof which was damaged after a storm. The process was super easy, well explained and fast. Everyone I came in contact with was very friendly and knowledgable. The actual crew that came to put on the roof was very mindful of my property and cleaned up after themselves. They sent me pictures of the progress and by the time I came home all was done and cleaned up. The roof looks great! I am very happy with the whole experience and highly recommend Presidio Roofing!
Ray Barrera
Ray Barrera
18:57 22 Jun 24
When we replaced our roof, there were tons of roofing companies to choose from. I researched & chose Presidio Roofing because when I mentioned their name to my insurance company they acknowledged that they were a legit & very professional company, plus easy to work with. The work was done very quick & clean. They even showed me an area of plywood which needed to be changed in order for roof to be properly installed. Fast forward a couple of years & I had a minor issue & was put in touch with Presidio and they were very understanding & resolved my issue within hours. I can't say enough good things about Presidio Roofing. I recommend them to all my family & friends. Thanks for everything.
Shakira Morales
Shakira Morales
19:50 20 Jun 24
Presidio Roofing came highly recommended from many of my friends and they were absolutely right. The Presidio team told me exactly what I needed and what I did not need. Their crew was fast and efficient. We consulted on the color and it is beautiful. In particular, since the home is older, we had some ugly air vents on the old roof that stood out for all the wrong reasons. Presidio installed modern vents that you do not even notice and are more efficient. From the inspection, to the estimate, to the drop off of materials, to the replacement, to the clean-up, to all the follow-up, Presidio Roofing is a total class company and they will make you house beautiful - and increase it’s value!! Call them - now!!
Fidel Alvarez
Fidel Alvarez
03:53 17 Jun 24

Advantages of an EPDM Roof

EPDM roofing membrane is still one of the most common flat roofing options in San Antonio for multiple reasons. Some of the advantages of an EPDM roof include:


Pricing out any roofing system is highly individualized to that specific project but in general an EPDM roof will cost less than a TPO or PVC membrane for that same roof

Heating Costs

A white roof like TPO will generally save a property owner on cooling costs by reflecting the sun. However, in cold environments, it is often best to trap some of that thermal energy to help in reducing heating costs in a building and EPDM does that job well


Pricing out any roofing system is highly individualized to that specific project but in general an EPDM roof will cost less than a TPO or PVC membrane for that same roof


EPDM is a rubber product and thus can easily be bent and formed around pipes, walls, flashings, etc as needed for any job. It does not need to be air welded to manipulate like a TPO or PVC roof. When properly installed and with proper maintenance an EPDM roof can easily last for 50 years on any given roof. EPDM is also very resistant to corrosive substances.

Installation Ease

In general, installing an EPDM roof is easier than a TPO or PVC roof. The seams are taped or adhered, not welded, and the membrane is more pliable and easily manipulated. /p>

Variety of Options

EPDM roofing products come in many different options such as Carlisle Sure-Seal, Carlisle Sure-Tough, Carlisle Sure White, and Carlisle Fleeceback. Each of these products is beneficial for different roof types and installations. Your EPDM roofer in San Antonio can also offer a gravel ballasted option where the EPDM membrane is weighted down by gravel, increasing the wind and hail resistance of the membrane.


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Best EPDM Roofing Company in San Antonio, Texas

Most of the brands that manufacture other flat roofing products also have EPDM membranes in their catalogs. Brands such as Mulehide, Carlisle, and Firestone are the most seen EDPM brands on the market in San Antonio. Presidio Roofing is a certified Mulehide EPDM installer in San Antonio and can offer their NDL and Standard Warranties on almost every job. Our trained project managers can walk you through the different types of installation and warranties available for your specific property.

When considering an EPDM roofer in San Antonio you should make sure they:

  • Can offer an NDL warranty with one of the main brands
  • Can show you experience on similar buildings as your own
  • Are fully insured, licensed, and registered with the BBB
  • Have good online reviews with google and other review sources
  • Can provide references

While EPDM roofing systems are standard in the roofing world, like any roofing product, it all comes down to correct installation. Minor mistakes or cut corners in installation of an EPDM roof in San Antonio can lead to problems that don’t present themselves until much further down the road. Thus, when choosing a rubber roofing company in San Antonio it is of utmost important to do your diligence.

At Presidio Roofing we are the most trusted and experienced EDPM roofing contractor in San Antonio and we will prove this to you in person. If you are looking replace your EPDM roof look no further than Presidio Roofing and give us a call for a free consultation.

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