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Metal roofing has quickly become one of the most desired roofing systems across Texas- especially in San Antonio and the surrounding hill country. From city homes to ranch houses, churches to businesses, more and more people have realized the benefits of having a solid metal roof on their property. At Presidio Roofing we are the most trusted metal roofing company in San Antonio with countless happy clients across the region.

Why Choose a Metal Roof?

  • They are durable and hold up better in severe weather like hail and wind more than other roofing systems
  • Require Less Maintenance than other roofing systems
  • Provide more energy efficiency due to their thermal emittance properties
  • Offer a wide range of colors and styles to create a beautiful look for your property
  • Metal roofs are an eco friendly and sustainable option as they can be recycled in full when replaced

Metal roofs can be made from many different types of metals and alloys including Aluminum, Copper, and Steel.

Great work!
Peyton Coker
Peyton Coker
18:00 02 May 23
We had Presidio custom build a chimney cap for our 100+ year old home. They also found and repaired extensive damage to the chimney mortar and quoted us for gutter installation. At every turn, the guys from Presidio were kind and professional and did great work. I'd highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great roofing company in San Antonio. 5 stars!
Caitlin Foose
Caitlin Foose
14:15 30 Apr 23
Had to unexpectedly get my roof replaced…Jacob was quick to respond/answer my questions. He made sure I understood the process and worked within my timeline which I greatly appreciated!
Lauren Seidel
Lauren Seidel
19:34 06 Apr 23
I’ve used Presidio many times over the past 4 yrs. I dealt directly with Jacob and his team. They’ve fixed roofing, gutters, new window frames and siding along with painting. I first talked with Jacob 4 yrs ago. He was extremely helpful after hail damaged our roof and gutters. He was always available and we found him very honest and willing to work with us and our insurance carrier. He gave us nonsense quotes and was available for all my wife’s questions! When we agreed on price and materials, Jacob and his team came when they said they would and conducted themselves admirably. The job was done on time and cleanup made it look like they were never there! At the time of our roof install, his team discovered other issues that needed to addressed on our home. Again, I got honest quotes and workers that showed up and did highly professional work. I’ve referred Presidio to any of my friends needing roof repairs and home improvements. I endorse them highly!!!
Michelle Hancock
Michelle Hancock
17:17 22 Mar 23
Jacob Lehman was absolutely great! My husband and I wanted to put an offer in a house and our realtor recommended him to check the roof. He was out there really quick and gave some good feedback. After moving into this new house, we wanted to get gutters installed. Jacob was really responsive and attentive to detail making sure we knew what to expect and help us make our choice on color. He also added installation of leaf guards to the contract, which we knew would be so helpful for maintenance! Overall I am really happy with his work and we will keep in touch for any future work we might need.
Karen Perkins
Karen Perkins
16:57 22 Mar 23
Nick and Clay at Presidio were extremely professional, upfront, and diligent to work with while replacing several roofs on my property. They are some of the most knowledgeable people in their trade. If you are looking for a no hassle, clear and concise, and timely repair call Presidio! Thank you for all your help!
Austin Walker
Austin Walker
16:29 22 Mar 23

Metal Roofing Panel Systems

There are fundamentally two different types of metal roofing panel systems: exposed fastener and concealed fastener. You will see concealed fastener systems such as standing seam on homes and businesses whereas you will see exposed fastener systems more commonly on garages, barns, and industrial buildings or large complexes. We use Mcelroy and Berridge brand metal roofing panels the most often but there are many other products available including more custom looks like Bridger Steel.

Pros of a Concealed Fastener System:

  • They require less maintenance and are more durable due to the fasteners being covered
  • They look cleaner and higher end as well
  • They last longer and have better warranties

Cons of a Concealed Fastener System:

  • They are more expensive. The materials are thicker, and the labor is more precise and takes longer.
  • They are not as easy to repair. If a single panel sustains significant damage on a mechanically fastened system, you will likely need to replace all the adjoining panels as well.
  • They take longer to install as they are generally broken on site from the metal coils.
  • There is a unique cosmetic issue called “oil canning” that can occur when you have long sheets of metal roofing. It gives an appearance of waviness and can make perfectly good panels looks distorted. There are ways to solve this by using backer rods or other installation methods, but it will sometimes occur on even the most perfectly installed metal roofs.

Pros of an Exposed Fastener System:

  • They are easier to repair since replacing an individual panel is as simple as removing some screws
  • They are easy and quick to install
  • They are the cheapest metal roofing option available
  • Corrugated panels are very efficient at directing water off any roof

Cons of an Exposed Fastener System:

  • They don’t look as polished and thus are not generally considered good options for properties that need aesthetic appeal
  • They will leak over time due to the rubber gaskets degrading or the screws rusting
  • They do not hold up to windstorms well compared to mechanically fastened systems
  • Corrugated panels can hold more debris like leaves and can accumulate snow and ice easier than flat panels

As you can see, the two main types of roofing panels systems have plenty of pros and cons for each, and they both have scenarios where they are clearly the best option. At Presidio Roofing when you need a metal roof replacement in San Antonio or across Texas our project managers will come walk you through which system makes the most sense for your property.


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Stone Coated Steel

If you are not interested in a panel system but do want the strength and durability of metal, another great option is stone coated steel. Stone coated steel is a unique product where natural stone granules, mined from specific quarries world-wide, are adhered to the top of base steel sheets that are formed to varying profiles. The steel base panels are a layered with zinc-aluminum to prevent rusting and are made to look like, tile, shake, and even shingles. The stone granules give color and variability in the looks of each panel and make this product so unique. The two main manufacturers of this product are Tilcor and Decra and we have extensive experience installing both of their systems on both residential and commercial roofs.

Pros of a Stone Coated Steel Roof:

  • Most stone coated products have warranties protecting against hail damage by stones up to 2.5” in diameter. These warranties are some of the most significant warranties for protection against hail damage in the whole roofing product industry.
  • The look of these roofs is very high end and appealing to most people
  • These roofs provide greater value for your property from a financial perspective
  • You can get significant homeowners insurance discounts for having these roofs (or any class 4 hail rating roof)

Cons of a Stone Coated Steel Roof:

  • These roofs generally have wind warranties of 120mph. It is extremely rare to see wind speeds above that but there are other products out there with higher wind warranties.
  • These roofs are generally one of the more expensive roofing systems on the market
  • They are highly susceptible to foot traffic damage, meaning no one should be walking on these roofs after they are installed

Quality Metal Roof Installation

The quality of the installers and project managers on any metal roof is of the utmost important. While sub-par installation of a shingle roof can often be remedied easily it is very difficult to correct a poorly installed metal roof. Especially on a custom fit, concealed fastener system, there is no room for error. When you are considering hiring an experienced metal roofing contractor in San Antonio you should make sure to have their project manager show you some previous jobs. Keys errors and cut-corners to look for include:

  • Over-torquing the screws
  • Chimney and wall flashings being glued as opposed to cut in
  • Uneven ridge and hip cap metal
  • Uneven cuts at the end of panels
  • Chimneys without crickets
  • Plumbing pipes or vents touching or in the middle of a seam between two panels
  • Using tar felt paper

There are also two key “best practices” for any standing seam metal roof that any quality metal roofing contractor would include in their bid.

  • Using high temp ice and water shield as underlayment. This costs more than synthetic felt but will virtually guarantee you never have a leak regardless of what happens to the metal itself
  • Using backer rods to help mitigate potential oil canning

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At Presidio Roofing we pride ourselves in being experts in all things metal roofing. We have the attention to detail, work history, and product knowledge to provide the best metal roofing for your home or business, anywhere in Texas. If you would like a free quote, consultation, or inspection, just fill out the form below and a project manager will reach out.

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