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A roof is vital to the integrity of your property. Therefore, it isn’t a component that it’s wise to treat casually. Whether you intend to embark on a full construction project or to undertake maintenance, professional attention is essential. Presidio Roofing Company has a deep understanding of the experience, knowledge, and skill it takes to take care of such a key part of a property’s structure. This is why we’ve dedicated so much time and energy to creating a roofing team to meet the needs of Austin’s property owners.

Presidio Roofing Company’s abilities extend to a range of areas and we continue to develop our services. We know that keeping at the top of our game can have a positive impact not just on individual properties, but also on the lives of owners, their families, and in some cases the wider community. Our position as a registered U.S. Federal contractor, alongside our experiences collaborating with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, has helped confirm just how impactful great roofing can be. The roofing projects of homeowners in Austin get the same level of attention, quality, and expertise as we apply to emergency situations.

It is important to us that all our customers feel comfortable and confident that their roofing project is in safe and skilled hands. With the Presidio Roofing Company in your corner, you’ll have access to all the expertise and guidance you need to keep your property protected from above.

Based on 13 reviews
Jacob was an incredible part of my decision to choose Presidio. He was always available and was willing to work with me at every step of the way. If you’re looking for a good value along with a great product; I would definitely work with Jacob again. We did have to have them come out again for minor corrections but Jacob was excellent and taking care of me.
Jose M
Jose M
15:11 19 Jan 23
We were very pleased at the professionalism that we received from Barry and Jacob who were working on helping us to get our hail damaged roof and gutters replaced. Because of the pandemic, which caused many supply issues, there were complications in getting the project completed. Jacob, the general manager, stayed in touch, working with us to get the job done to our satisfaction. His efforts, as well as our salesperson Barry, are very much appreciated.I highly recommend Presidio for your next project.
Marge Phillips
Marge Phillips
22:29 21 Jan 22
I highly recommend presidio roofing for any roofing job that needs to be done. Jacob and his team did such a great job on my roof post a really bad hail storm. Jacob was extremely communicative and understanding while also helping me deal with insurance so I didn't have to go through any of the hassle. If you need a roofing guy or company, presidio roofing is the company you will want to go with
Jefferson Lee
Jefferson Lee
04:13 12 Nov 21
Jacob and the Presidio Roofing team did an excellent job on my roof. Communication was constant and clear. I am very pleased with how easy the entire process was. Will recommend to anyone who needs roof repairs/replacement.
Obdulia Ortiz
Obdulia Ortiz
18:12 30 Oct 21
I worked with Jacob at Presidio Roofing after noting that my neighbor had used them twice for his roof. I talked with Jacob after the April hail storm and he confirmed that we did have roof damage and it would be need to be replaced.After needed inspections, the company moved forward with putting us in their work flow and performing the repairs. The roof took only one day and was done on a weekend to not interfere with our work from home schedule, which was very helpful.The company has worked out very well for us and I would work with them again if needed.
Sean Rudman
Sean Rudman
15:52 30 Aug 21
Worked with Jacob from Presidio Roof to replace my roof due to hail damage. He found the exact shingle that I requested which was hard due to the COVID pandemic. He kept me updated on when it would arrive. The installation crew arrived early on the morning right on time, finished the same day and left the backyard clean. They also installed and replaced the gutters. So far an excellent job with no leaks.
Gabriel Rodriguez
Gabriel Rodriguez
15:40 31 Jul 21

A Variety of Roofing Services in Austin

Presidio Roofing doesn’t just take care of Austin property owners’ full roof installations. As experienced professional roofing contractors, we know that any roofing project is a combination of various needs. Some of these will be geographical in nature, based on the weather risks in your part of Austin. Others will revolve around the unique design of the property itself. Presidio Roofing Company has, therefore, developed a range of services that we’re able to offer our customers. Whether you’re seeking long-term guidance in development or an effective and timely fix, we have options available to you.

Included among the types of roofing services we offer Austin property owners are:

Construction Projects

There are times when repairing a roof simply isn’t in the best interests of our customers and they need a full replacement. Alternatively, they may be building a property from the ground up, which has never had a roof. In either instance, there are significant challenges involved with the process. Presidio Roofing Company’s construction team can ensure that such projects are executed with precision and on budget.

Commercial Client Needs

Any business owner knows just how problematic even minor disruptions can be to operations. Unfortunately, when there are issues with your roof, there can be a range of negative outcomes. The safety of your customers and staff could be at greater risk due to leaks or rot. Even wasted energy from an inefficient roofing system can put undue pressure on your capital.

Damage Management

Roofs are generally designed for longevity. That’s not to say that there aren’t still hazards your roof can face, though. Extreme weather is increasingly present in the Austin area, which can see your roof subjected to collisions or high wind damage. There can also be long-term issues like mold and pests that can cause significant issues with your roof.

It’s never wise to wait too long before managing damage to any aspect of your roof. Even seemingly small issues can develop into big problems. Presidio Roofing Company offers access to affordable roof repairs so Austin property owners can address issues swiftly and effectively.

Apartment Roof Repair and Maintenance

Austin is a dynamic hub of Texas, attracting new residents all the time. This means that the demand for apartments is high, making investing in these properties a smart choice. As a responsible landlord, though, you naturally want to be certain that your buildings are keeping your tenants safe and secure. You should, therefore, collaborate with experienced professionals in safeguarding the integrity of your roofs.


Defending Your Home
is Our Mission

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Expert Guidance on Materials

At Presidio Roofing Company, one of the most valuable outcomes of developing a team of experienced experts is the knowledge base we’ve cultivated. This doesn’t just impact the efficacy of our installations and repairs. It also means that we can provide you with expert guidance on the most appropriate types of roofing materials to meet your environmental, aesthetic, and budgetary needs.

Some of the materials we work with include:


Roofing tiles continue to be an in-demand material for a range of property projects in Austin. They’re aesthetically pleasing and have a reputation for great durability. Our team can collaborate with you on arranging access to tiles in a variety of styles and materials to suit your needs. A tile roof installation is a significant investment in the value and longevity of your home. We can help you make the perfect choice.


Metal roofing is often considered to be a good selection for commercial properties, though it can also be effective in residential spaces. When well-maintained it can have a significant lifespan, in some instances upwards of 70 years. Presidio Roofing Company’s experienced professionals can help you establish how a metal roof could be a practical and cost-effective component of your property.

Liquid Applied Silicon

Liquid Applied Coatings is a class of roofing product that comes in liquid form and when applied to a roof or roof substrate hardens to form a single, seamless, waterproof roofing system. While not a stand-alone roofing material, liquid applied silicon can help to add an extra element of protection and longevity to your current roofing components. It is water resistant and can last for as long as 25 years without repair or replacement. Importantly, it can be applied to any roofing material, making it a particularly agile approach to safeguarding your roof.

Unique Materials

One of the benefits of working with Presidio Roofing Company on your Austin-based properties is that you don’t just have access to our skills and knowledge. You also benefit from the relationships we’ve cultivated with various cutting-edge material manufacturers. We take our responsibility toward our clients seriously and offer proprietary materials from brands we know can be trusted to deliver the longevity and efficacy property owners deserve. The brands we work with include Tilcor Roofing Systems lightweight yet durable components and Paragon Roofing’s varied yet sustainable products.

Connect with Experienced Professionals

Presidio Roofing Company is dedicated to ensuring customers in Austin have access to knowledge and skills to make their property projects a success. Whether you need a relatively simple repair or are planning something larger in scale, you can be confident that we can match your needs with the design, application, and costs that are best suited.

This process begins with taking a moment to reach out to us. When you contact us, we’ll discuss some basic elements of the project you have in mind and help you to understand how best to move forward. You also have the option of using our Free Estimate form to provide us with a brief overview of your needs and challenges.


Defending Your Home
is Our Mission

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