How to Match Roof Shingles to House Color

How to Match Roof Shingles to House Color

Choosing shingles can be a daunting task. You have to choose between shape, size, color, and price point. But one of the most important choices in determining what kind of shingle to install on your roof. Choosing the wrong color could make your house look like it doesn’t match its surroundings or, worse still, clash with the paint job! If you’re unsure about how to find the right color for your home’s exterior painting scheme, here are instructions how you can pick out just the right roof shingles for your home.


Pick Roof Shingles that Complement your Paint Finish

One of the most important factors in choosing roof shingles is finding ones that match your paint finish. The best way to do this is to take color samples from your exterior paint and bring them to the store with you while you choose the right kind of shingle. You can also tape off a square of your house’s wall and carefully choose paint colors that match it. You can then test off the color of your choice on the square before buying it to ensure that it matches perfectly.

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Natural Light Affects Color Perception

Another thing you’ve got to consider is how light affects color perception, especially in different seasons. Colors look different when viewed in sunlight versus looking at them in cloudy weather. It’s best to look at roofing samples in the different conditions they’ll actually be exposed to before purchasing. If possible, bring your paint swatches with you if you’re not sure about the color of the shingles you’re choosing. This way, you can compare them against each other under different lighting conditions.


Comparing Roof Shingles to other Houses in the Neighborhood

You might not notice it that much, but the colors of roofs in your neighborhood are different. If you’re having trouble choosing paint colors with samples or paint swatches, one thing you can do is look at the roofs of nearby houses. The color of their shingles can be a good indicator of how close they are to your house’s color scheme, especially if you want them to look good together.


Roof Shingle Colors Should Contrast with the Surrounding Area

When landscaping your home’s exterior, you may want to consider choosing roof shingles that contrast with your yard’s surroundings. This way, your roof will be noticeable and stand out from the rest of the lawn and natural environment and appear to pop out at people passing by or driving past. For instance, if you live near a forest, it might not be a good idea to choose dark green shingles since they’ll blend into the surrounding vegetation. Instead, choose something with a lighter shade to make your roof more noticeable.


Effect of Roof Pitch on Shingle Colors

Roof pitch is another thing you’ve got to consider when choosing shingles for your home. There are three different kinds of roofs out there: low-pitched, medium-pitched, and high-pitched. A low-pitched roof will reflect more light on the leaves of surrounding vegetation, making them stand out against the natural background around them. If you want to make your house pop out against its natural environment, consider choosing a different color for your roof’s shingles instead of matching them to it.


Building Materials Influence Roof Color

Roofing materials are just as important in determining their color. For instance, metal roofing shingles come in various colors, from charcoal to yellow to blue, depending on the manufacturer you choose. Slate roof tiles are also popular for being one of the oldest roofing materials in existence and come in various earthy color schemes that blend in well with their natural environment. Wood shingles are an excellent choice for warm climates since they let the sunshine through and create a cooling effect around your home. They come in lighter colors to reduce heat absorption as much as possible, so be sure to choose darker shades if you live in a hotter climate.


Roof Shingle Aging Affects Their Color

There’s also the issue of time and weathering on your roof’s color scheme. If you want to maintain a certain look for your house, be sure to paint it before it starts fading away from years of exposure to sunlight and rain. This is especially important for metal shingles since they can get corroded over time due to oxidation. Painting them before they start to corrode can make them look better and last longer, which means you’ll need less maintenance in the future.


Roof Shingle Color Schemes

There are all kinds of roof color schemes, from monochromatic (with one hue throughout the shingles) to complementary (shades opposite each other on the color wheel, like green and red). You can also opt for triadic roof shingle color schemes (combinations of three colors having equal distance apart on the color wheel). If you live in a warm climate where it’s sunny most of the time, consider choosing dark roof shingles that absorb less heat and won’t get as hot on the top of your head. You can also use light colors if you live in a cooler area, so melting snow or ice won’t cause any issues.

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Roof Shingle Color Trends

Choosing roof shingles is part art, part science. There are many factors to consider, but be sure you don’t get lost in the technicalities and choose something that looks good with your house’s color scheme. Roof shingles are essential when it comes to making your home look better or worse, so study them carefully if you want a certain style for your roof that complements your house’s overall design.



So what’s the bottom line when it comes to how to match roof shingles to house color? If you need to choose a new roof color, consider your geographical area and its surroundings. Think about things like building materials and how old your house is. Try to pick something that will make your place stand out from others in the neighborhood and complement its interior design as much as possible. Any changes you make to your roof will be significant in the overall look of your home so try to pick something aesthetically pleasing without breaking the bank when it comes to maintenance costs down the line.

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