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Clay tiles have a long history. Their use as a roofing material can be traced back to 10,000 B.C. China. As explorers expanded their territory, they infused new areas with their architectural styles. Terracotta tile became popular in the Mediterranean region. Today, terracotta roofs still evoke an Italian villa or a Spanish casa. However, modern homeowners are incorporating this type of roof into their personal style. You can transform the curb appeal of your home with an exterior paint job. Infuse your home with a particular look by using one of the following paint colors with a terracotta roof.

Variations of White

Light, neutral walls make terracotta roofs pop. They’re ideal for houses with architectural accents throughout the facade. White walls allow you to make bold choices for door architecture and trim.

However, basic white paint can look too stark. Warm up the appearance by using off-white, ivory, oyster or ecru paint.

Shades of white are also consistent with Spanish Colonial architecture. You can bring out this vibe with variations of white paint even if your walls aren’t constructed with stucco.

Tan and Beige Paint Colors With Terracotta Roofs

Many stucco homes with terracotta roofs have tan or beige walls. Choosing darker neutrals creates a low-contrast facade that fits into any environment. Connect the rusty hues of the roof with the walls by selecting paint with pink or salmon undertones.

This color palette looks complete when you match the trim to the wall color. However, you can create subtle depth by painting the trim a lighter version of the beige on the main walls. Brown trim also emphasizes this look nicely. It’s an excellent choice for modern homes with wood accents.

Do Gray Walls Look Good With Terracotta Roofing?

Because terracotta is such a warm color, many homeowners wonder whether cool gray tones will look good with clay tiles. Gray complements terracotta roofing surprisingly well. It’s a contemporary choice for homes that are made with non-stucco siding. It fuses multiple styles of architecture, creating a balanced effect. Gray homes with terracotta roofing retain that Mediterranean feel without mimicking an Italian villa.

Terracotta roofs look great with dark gray walls. Choose an exterior paint color with brown tones in it to pull the style together. This creates a cozy, intimate effect.

If you want to add brightness to your home’s curb appeal, use a lighter gray. This is also an ideal option in neighborhoods that have several houses with terracotta roofs. If most of those homes are painted with a light color palette, light gray will merge better with them than dark gray.

Blue Walls With a Terracotta Roof

Like gray, blue exterior paint adds a breezy, cool atmosphere to your home. It contrasts well with the orange roof and looks good whether it’s light or dark.

If the exterior walls are as dark as or darker than the shade of the roof, create some variation by painting the trim white. A light blue house looks surprisingly modern with dark brown trim.

Using Earthy Greens With Terracotta

Because terracotta is derived from natural clay, it blends beautifully with other earthy tones. If the roof is more red than orange, green provides perfect harmony. It sits opposite from red on the color wheel and establishes equilibrium in your home’s appearance.

Choose a green with strong brown or gray tints for a neutral exterior paint color that’s not monochromatic. Sage and grassy hues look wonderful with terracotta roofing. Crisp white trim provides a bright, sophisticated finish. Dark brown trim makes the house look modern and welcoming.

Modern Surprises

Non-traditional exterior paint colors for terracotta roofs are popping up everywhere. You don’t have to stick to tried-and-true colors if you follow a few basic rules.

Yellow is an unexpected color to pair with clay tiles. It works best when it’s understated. Pale, warm yellows complement the glow of the terracotta. Add plenty of white trim to create space between the walls and the roof.

Give your space a tropical feel by using bold, bright colors. Think about the hues that would appear during a Caribbean sunset. Citrus tones are sunny and vibrant. Turquoise is evocative of a beachside paradise. Purple is another punchy color that you can add to the mix.

If you go this route, choose a single color to keep things balanced. You might consider painting the trim with a lightened variation of the wall paint.

What Color Should You Paint the Door?

Painting your entire house with a bold color might be a reach for you. If so, consider adding a juicy hue to your front door. Your entryway sets the tone for the home’s appearance. Jazzing it up with a bright orange, aqua or slate blue creates a focal point.

If you don’t want to add more color to the exterior, paint the door the same color as the roof. The garage door can match the front entrance or the trim.

Terracotta roofs are a solid investment, and we understand that you want to highlight it with the right hues. A professional painter can give you more ideas for exterior paint colors with a terracotta roof. So can a roofer that has worked extensively with terracotta. Contact us if you’re interested in getting the most out of a terracotta roof.