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Are you in need of roof repair in Texas? If you are experiencing leaks in your roof or if you have noticed missing shingles on your roof you are probably in need of some quick roof repairs. Here at Presidio Roofing we are the disaster response contracting and roof repair experts! We are a registered US Federal Contractor and we have worked with FEMA and the US Army Corps of Engineers in disaster response contracting. If your residential or commercial property is in need of quick and simple or major scale repairs, we are the go to roof repair people!

Signs That Roof Repair in Texas Is Necessary:

Is your roof leaking? Are you finding water marks forming in spots around your home? If you are, there is a good chance that your roof is in need of a simple leaky roof repair to get it back to its former glory. There are several key indicators that you should be looking for regularly to help maintain your roof. Many homeowners aren’t aware that the best time to have your roof inspected is before it actually starts to leak.

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There are several tell tale signs that can help you identify when your roof may need repairs to help keep it from beginning to leak. To help your family and home to be prepared you will need to consider regular roof maintenance and inspections. Here are some questions that you need to think about:

Are there any shingles missing from the roof? Even if you only have one missing shingle it can still lead to serious leaks in your roof after just a single heavy rainfall. That is why you need to contact someone about roof repair in Texas when you first notice missing shingles before it becomes a serious problem.

Do any of the shingles look like they are starting to buckle, curl, or are they starting to loose granules? These are signs that your roof is needing replaced, however, you can often simply fix these issues as they pop up without needing to replace the entire roof. Leaving curling, or buckling shingles without repairing them will leave the roof structure underneath exposed and water damage will quickly get in and allow mold and mildew to grow as well as start to cause leaking.

Are there any discolored streaks on the shingles? Dark and dingy looking streaks on shingles isn’t always just dirt build up. Sometimes this can be a warning sign of mold and mildew which can lead to a long string of further problems to the underlying structure of your roof. This is the best time to call an expert for leaky roof repair before the situation gets out of hand and you need the entire roof or section of roof replaced completely.

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Is there moss or algae growing on the shingles? The thing about moss and algae growing on your shingles is that it might not always show up as green. Black algae is different from moss that will often grow on top of roofs. The algae like to feed on the limestone found in shingles and are especially fond of humid climates like that of Texas. Texas has a fair amount of humidity so mold, mildew, algae and moss are going to be concerns. It is fairly easy to spot moss or algae streaks. Metal is toxic to the growing plant life and keeps it from developing.

Often times if you see parts of your roof with metal on it (plumbing vent, static vent, or flashing) that has lighter spots below it. This is because when it rains the water washes tiny metal particles down the shingles that kills any plant life that might be trying to grow.

Your roof is starting to appear old or if it is over 20 years old you should have an inspection done just to make sure that everything is still functioning properly.

We Cover All Types of Roof Repair in Texas

Rain / Wind:

Whenever there is a heavy set of storms you can expect some possible damages especially if your roof is getting older. Damages from severe weather can escalate quickly if there is existing damage to the roof that has yet to be fixed and this is when you will need to call an expert on roof repair in Texas. Texas is known to have some serious weather and can even suffer from hurricane-force winds that will tear the shingles right off of the roof. When the underlying structure is left exposed rain has a dramatically higher chance of causing serious damage.


Locals probably already know this but people new to the state of Texas might find themselves surprised to learn that Texas is in fact the top ranked state for the most hail events (otherwise known as storms). Hail causes serious amounts of damage to your home. Roofing such as shingles can be practically torn apart or seem barely touched depending on the severity of the storm. Some of the more severe and easier to spot damages can include things such as large welts that look like black holes that vary in size and shape or the shingles can also begin to loose granules. This is when you will need roof leak repair in Texas. Presidio knows that repairing roofing before it causes more serious damage is a large concern for homeowners and we will get the job done with quick and quality work.


Tree damage is possibly the most unexpected and the most devastating type of damage your home can suffer. Usually when it comes to hail and regular thunderstorms we are able to be more prepared from news reports and weather storm warnings. However, severe wind can cause tree branches and trees themselves to break and fall. When they fall on your roof they can cause different degrees of damage. Some may just knock a few shingles loose or some can completely rip your roof and the side of your home apart and leave a large gaping hole into your property.

When serious damages like these happen Presidio Roofing experts are here to help with your roof repair in Texas. Our mission is to get your home back to being strong, sturdy, and beautiful in the least amount of time as possible. So give us a call if you need a free roof repair estimate at (210) 899-5600! Your peace of mind is just one call away.